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About Schiller's Pharmacy

Schiller's Pharmacy was established in 1903 in Shadyside. We have no record of what the name was or even if it had one, it may have just been the local pharmacy in those days. However, we do know that the building was finished in 1903 and that it did indeed house a pharmacy. The pharmacy got its current name when the Schiller family purchased it in 1939. It was the place to be if you lived in the east end because of all the Pittsburgh elite who had shopped there. Over the years the pharmacy lost its soda fountain, began to modernize and basically just kept up with the times. All along carrying and selling brands of soaps, perfumes, hair brushes, cremes and lotions that the most prestigious stores from around the world have carried. It had turned into a pharmacy you would find in London, New York, or Paris.

The Schiller family had kept the store in their family until 1971 when they decided to sell. Marc Goldberg and his partner Jack London were the gentlemen who would carry the torch when they decided to purchase Schiller's Pharmacy. Marc Goldberg would become the President of Schiller's pharmacy, as well as a pharmacist, where he kept the legacy alive. The most important trait that Marc brought to Schiller's was his urgency to satisfy customers. Customer service was paramount and that same service can be experienced at Schiller's today. When new customers come in they are so happy to get customer service in this day and age and that is why we are still here. If you want to be a number go to a chain store or a super market. If you want to be treated like a valued customer and part of the fabric of the pharmacy, stop by Schiller's soon and see our professional staff for yourself.

Today you can still get the same unique items and great service at Schiller's as so many people had done in the past. Please look at our products section to find that special item you have been looking for. I am sure that our selection will satisfy your need for premium bath and body products, perfumes and fragrances, specialty cosmetics, and all of your day to day accessories.



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